The Tunnel

About this project

The Tunnel was a popular nightclub in New York City in the 80s and 90s. The club was named for the tunnel-like shape of the main room, in which train tracks from the early 1900s ran through a sunken area of the dance floor.

The club was architecturally distinctive: a long, narrow space with multiple rooms on several levels. The dance floor featured several dance cages. The decor of the club changed frequently. One room, decorated by artist Kenny Scharf, was called the Kenny Scharf Lava Lounge. Others were decorated as Victorian libraries, S/M dungeons, and lounges. The club featured unisex bathrooms, which were the converted locker rooms formerly used by the freight terminal's workers. They had modern stalls with partitions and doors for privacy, extant rows of old lockers attached to the wall, as well as marks where the former shower stalls had been removed.


In the late 1980s, Club Kids often gathered in the V.I.P. room in the basement. One advantage of the multiple rooms of the club was the ability to host different types of parties, with as many as five or more DJs spinning different styles of music to varying crowds.

Project was modelled in Blender, textured in Substance Painter and Photoshop and brought to life in Unity, optimized for Quest 2 for social VR in a room with 50 avatars.