Attica was a legendary night club in Madrid, that operated from 1987 until 1995. It became famous for its after-hours sessions, its impecable music policy coupled with the most powerful sound system in the city, its enthusiastic clientele and the overall quality of the venue, which was away from the city center and close to the airport. It was groundbreaking from the start. The music that was played was electronic music, especially house from Chicago, EBM from Belgium among other styles that at that time, were the avant-garde. In 1990, it was already one of the most frequented techno night clubs. During this time it was when the nickname of “Catedral del Bakalao” was erected.

It has been 34 years since a small local at the foot of the Na - tional II km 15 500 was born. Attica, a meeting place for all the urban tribes of the Madrid scene, a place where time did not exist, a place where good vibes were breathed and a place that will always be in our hearts ... There were years of glory, being the most famous nightclub for their after sessions for in - novation in musical styles and for the influx of famous people to the mythical room and years in which they simply watched time pass. She saw how the children that she took between her walls were turning into men and women and times of maximum solitude arrived, simply bathed by specific events that made us remember with nostalgia those golden days and time passed and passed and passed until a fateful June 10 of 2018 where exhausted by loneliness its walls fell, the world stood our feet tears, sadness, anger and pain surfaced in all our hearts but al - ways with the hope that now, there was a living flame left in our hearts, a living flame from the great friends made there, a living flame with the musical culture that we learned there and a living flame in our retinas that by simply closing our eyes makes us see ourselves inside Attica and bring about a happy smile. September 18, 2021 is the appointed time, it is time to open our eyes again, to fill our hearts with new experiences, new friendships, new joys ... it is time to renew the feeling and love towards Attica because Attica 3.0 is born The future is here. Are you ready to dance again within its walls?



VR project created in Unity, modelled in Blender, Textures in Photshop, Substance Painter, Shader Graph.

Optimized for Oculus Quest 2 for social VR in a room with 50 avatars