About this project

The club is located in a former heating plant built in 1953 as part of the flagship post-war Stalinallee development and abandoned in the 1980s. The space was originally rented from the energy company Vattenfall but has been owned outright by the club since 2011. The building has a cavernous main room with 18-meter ceilings and is dominated by steel and concrete. The design of the club's interior, as well as later interior and exterior expansions of the venue, were carried out by a Berlin design firm.


Project modelled in Blender and textured with Substane Painter and Photoshop. Brought to life in Unity. Optimized for Quest 2 for social VR with a room with 50 avatars.

Created the surrounding environment using OSM plugin in Blender.

Modelled the club in Blender. This venue was particularly challenging to build because of all the secrecy that surrounds this space. I managed to find some pictures and with the help of some Berlin locals I was able to recreate it.

Wrote shaders in Shader Graph. And created materials based on pictures.

Textured props and parts of the enviroment in Substance Painter.

Complex light animations. Created a laser show for this environment using keyframes.

Whole project is optimized using simplified geometry, 1k texture maps for most materials, occlusion culling and emmissive materials.