Legendary London nightclub that was demolished many years ago.



Project modelled in Blender, textured in Substance Painter, shaders in Shader Graph, brought to life in Unity, optimized for Quest 2 for social VR in a room with 50 avatars.

Started using Open Street Map plugin in Blender to download the London environment. Made some materials for the buildings using Materialize, which creates normal and height maps from a single albedo.

Modelled the club is Blender, based on a partial floorplan I found online and pictures of the club.

Modelled props in Blender.

Created complex animations for the lightshow using keyframes.

Painted props and building details in Substance Painter.

Most texture maps are kept at 1k resolution, with only a few key ones that remain 4k. This is to reduce scene build and optimize for standalone headsets.